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Azimuth/Elevation adjustable Mount for Subscriber Antennas

MNT-22 Features:

Azimuth and Elevation Adjustable Mount for CPE, Subscriber and Small Base Station Antennas*.
Suitable for pole or wall mounting*.
Allows positioning of antenna in 45° slant polarization*.
Made of Die Cast Aluminum*.
Comes with all required hardware in a kit form*.

מפרט טכני: 

Weight 0.820 kg.
Material Aluminum
Load 510 N
Suitable for pole diameter range 25-120 mm *Screws supplied are 80 mm. Longer screws are available on request.
Movement Possibility Azimuth ±45° with antenna 300 x 300 mm mounted.Elevation ±45° with antenna 300 x 300 mm mounted

  • מודל: MNT-22
  • יוצר ע"י: Mars Antennas

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