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EdgePoint R6 - EP-R6

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EdgePoint R6 - EP-R6

The EdgePoint offers an innovative combination of robust routing performance,
fiber backhaul capability and the convenience of passive PoE support.
Intelligent WISP Control Point with FiberProtect, 
Weatherproof Enclosure for Outdoor Use.
Powerful Routing or Switching Features Fiber Backhaul Capability.

Function                      Router
Gigabit RJ45 Ports     5
SFP Ports                    1
SFP+ Ports                  N/A 
Power Input               
 DC Terminal Block  or 24V, 4-Pair
PoE Output                  24V, 2-Pair

  • מודל: EP‑R6
  • יוצר ע"י: UBiQUiTi - יוביקוויטי

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