Who are the products sold on the Advent website intended for?

The products sold with them are professional products that require technical knowledge. The products require understanding in communication and training.
Distributors Advantage Solutions Ltd. undergoes ongoing training and updates.
Possible sale to any customer, but the customer actually declares that he has the skills and knowledge to use the products he has purchased. The product will be returned in accordance with the details in the transaction cancellation chapter, provided that the product has not been used in any way and / or its original packaging has been opened and / or the product has been installed unless prior written permission has been obtained from Advant.
We recommend that you consult with the professional team before purchasing in any situation where the customer has a doubt as to whether the product / s are suitable for the need and installation required by the customer. The opening and installation of the product constitute acceptance of these terms.
Return of a product that has not yet been opened and / or installed is possible in accordance with the terms of the cancellation of the transaction.

Cancelling a transaction

If you received a product that did not match your wishes or you received a defective product (which was not damaged due to its use), you can replace it with a normal product or return it and cancel the purchase in a few simple steps. In order for us to handle your request, please note the following highlights:

  1. The consumer’s right to cancel a distance selling transaction in accordance with and subject to the provisions of section 14C (c) of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “the Law”) is from the date of the transaction and up to fourteen days from receipt of the property, or from the date of receipt of the main transaction document. Of their sons.
  2. The right of a consumer who is a person with a disability, a senior citizen or a new immigrant , to cancel the said transaction, is within four months from the date of the transaction – from the date of receipt of the property or from the date of receipt of the main transaction document, whichever includes the transaction. Electronic communication.
  3. When returning the product, please make sure that the product is returned in its entirety with all the accessories that came with the product
  4. If it is found that the product was returned without being used and with all the components ordered and in its original packaging, the customer will be credited in accordance with the law and the conditions of the case.

In order to exercise the right to cancel a transaction in accordance with the provisions of the law, a notice of cancellation must be given to the company in one of the following ways:

  1. . Customer Solutions Center of Advant Solutions Ltd. in an oral message by phone 072-270-2430 on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 10: 00-17: 00
  2. By e-mail at: sales@addvant.co.il
  3. In an oral notice that can be given to the company representative in person
  4. In an oral notice that can be delivered at the place of business Advent Solutions Ltd. at the address: 41 Sagi St. Shoham by appointment only
  5. By registered mail to PO Box 1626, Zip Code 6082536